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The Intelligence of the Psyche

– how to discover its hidden order

"This book shows you the workings of your unconscious mind!"

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This book has first been published in the year 2000 in Germany. Over time it has steadily gained its reputation as a new standard in parts-psychology.
Back then I was a diligent and enthusiastic student of Hal and Sidra Stone, the American psychologists who founded the Voice Dialogue method. Their yearly summer camps and other teaching seminars were a source of great inspiration to me and answered so many questions that had kept me searching for years.
The deepest questions I had: why is Man acting destructively in so many areas of life while claiming and striving to be good at the same time? Why is human behavior so contradictory? And why is there no commonly accepted unifying theory about the inner structures of the psyche?

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Video: The 5 Continents of the Inner World

In this video Artho Wittemann gives a short introduction to IndividualSystemics and the concept of the Five Continents of the Psyche – the five archetypal ways to perceive the world.


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Good People – Bad World

Why just being good isn't enough to improve the world

Chapter1: Towards a better world

The world is full of good people - and it's been that way for quite a while.
Almost all religions, spiritual movements, consciousness-schools, philosophies, educational projects and policy initiatives share that goal: the development of mankind and making the earth a better place. With so much effort and labor, you would think we would have reached the finish line by now. But just like the horizon, with each new effort made, the distance to this goal seems to move further and further away. Read more

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