Artho Wittemann

For more than twentyfive years Artho Wittemann has been investigating the systemic self-organization of the human psyche. For ten years a personal student of the American psychologists and founders Voice Dialogue, Dr Hal and Dr Sidra Stone, he translated two of their books into German language and taught Voice Dialogue for six years in the Centre for Individual- and Social Therapy (ZIST) near Munich, Germany. Meeting his wife Veeta in 1992 they started an intensive phase of research and studies…[...]


Veeta Wittemann

To know oneself and to understand the human nature were motor and stimulus for Veeta`s comprehensive search over many years. As a young woman she started her education in Humanistic Psychology withIngeHeinrichs, a German group leader and psychoanalyst, training in breath therapy, bioenergetics, primal-therapy, encounter and Zenmeditation.   This initiated an emotional opening and at the same time -effortlessly - intensified her spiritual development. Veeta went to Nepal where she spent two years in the ashram of Swami Yoga Chinmaya,…[...]

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